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For years, travelers have known that airline tickets brought 14 days in advance were cheaper than those booked at the last minute. Did you know that the day of the week that you buy your ticket could also affect the price that you pay?

According to a three year study of airline fares the best time to buy an airline ticket is at 3 PM Eastern Standard Time on Tuesdays. If you do not live in the United State’s Eastern Time zone, then you will need to convert your time to know when to buy your ticket.

The reason this is true is that airlines release fares late on Monday night. Until Tuesday afternoon, airlines battle to see who will offer the lowest price on the ticket for that week. The battles end on Tuesday afternoons, when most airlines reduce their fares to meet the competitor’s price.

As those seats are filled, then more seats may be released at the lower fare. This makes Thursday mornings the second best day to find cheap airline tickets.

Unless you can not avoid it, do not buy your tickets on the weekend. Airline executives who have the ability to lower prices or release more seats are off on the weekends. The system is on auto-pilot with no great deals being released.

The next time that you need to book a flight, make a mental note to do it on Tuesday afternoons at least 14 days before you plan on traveling.

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