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How To Prepare For The Possibility Of Lost Luggage

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Anyone who has traveled often can tell you horror stories about when the airline lost their luggage. It remains a problem for airlines. One that probably will not be solved any time soon! There are some steps that you can take to protect your luggage.

If possible, do not check luggage at all. Pack light and enjoy the freedom of being able to avoid the baggage claims area all together. If you can not pack light, then consider sending your luggage ahead of you with a major carrier like Fed Ex or UPS. If you are going to check bags, then make sure that you do not pack anything that you must have in the first 24 hours after landing. Before leaving for the airport, make a list of everything in your bag and take a photo of your bag. Also put your name and a contact number inside the suitcase along with a copy of your itinerary. If no one will be at your normal contact number while you are away, then list as your contact number the phone number of a friend or neighbor that will be home.

If you will be carrying something in your checked luggage that is extremely valuable, when you get to the airport to check in your bag, ask to buy excess valuation insurance. This insurance is very inexpensive, but the only place that it can be purchased is at the baggage counter.

Have you seen the reality TV show called Baggage Wars? A lot of lost baggage is auctioned off every year because people fail to follow the steps above. Imagine that your bag is lost and the tag is removed or fell off the handle. If your name and contact information isn’t available on the outside of the bag, then the airlines have no way of figuring out who the bag belongs to. So be sure to place your name and address and a phone number inside the bag so it can found when they open the bag to try to determine who the bag belongs to. Otherwise, you might see your bag being auctioned off on a future episode of Baggage Wars!

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