Make Sure Your Group Holiday Is Absolutely Perfect

With so many choices out there, it can be hard to find the right group holiday. By checking out the travel agency’s policies and reviewing all destinations, you can find the tour you’re looking for. This can be done without spending hours on research.

Variety is a wonderful thing, but when you’re looking for a group holiday, it can almost be overwhelming. Before deciding where to go and with whom to book, look for a few key things in the agency’s policies and trip itineraries. If you’re booking for more people and not just yourself, don’t forget to get the other people’s opinions on trip activities and destinations as well.

Group Size and Dynamics

Group GAA adventures give you the chance to meet new people and receive group travel benefits without organizing people yourself. Group travel is safer and usually cheaper, as tourism spots usually give groups discounted rates. However, if a group is too large, it may be more difficult to connect with your fellow travelers. A large group also means more waiting time in between stops.

Look for tours with group sizes of 15 and under. Groups around this size are ideal because there are enough people for group benefits and security but not so many people that you’re stuck waiting around for hours at a time at stops.

Your group should feature people in your age range. In most cases, you’ll have more in common with people around your age. People who are older or younger than you by a significant amount of years have different levels of life experiences and you may have difficulty making a connection.


Some group tours don’t offer much in the way of flexibility because it makes it a bit more difficult to keep the group together. However, as an adult, you’re going to want some free time on your tour to relax or explore a point of interest that isn’t highlighted on the tour. Confirm your group trip has some scheduled free time and flexibility for travelers.

Tour Leaders

An experienced tour leader is a must-have on any group tour. The leader should be familiar with the route, the trip activities and the areas you’re visiting. With an experienced guide, you don’t have to worry about getting lost or frustrated because of confusion about a location or specific activity. Make sure your guide will be available at all times during the tour to answer questions, lead the group and help in an emergency situation.


Review destinations and activities thoroughly. You’ll need to decide if you want a physical tour, a leisure tour or a mix of both. Las Vegas tours are often leisure, for example, while parts of the American South usually involve hiking and other physical outdoor activities.

Don’t forget to the check the tour agency’s website for traveler reviews. The reviews will give you perspective on some of the specific tours the agency offers. You should always check the agency with your local Better Business Bureau and other consumer review groups as well. Forums dedicated to travel might feature firsthand accounts from other travelers who took a trip with the agency you’re considering.

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