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Ostia Antica was the seaport for the ancient city of Rome. It flourished as Rome’s trading increased during the time of Emperors Claudius and Trajan. Because the Tiber River continually deposited silt along its banks, the port of Ostia Antica was rebuilt and/or moved as required to keep it open.

Over time (by the fourth century), the city started to fall into disrepair. Rather than a port town, Ostia Antica was used as a vacation or retreat area. Attacks by pirates became more prevalent and many of the people moved away. The buildings in Ostia Antica are mostly made of brick. The walk through the city is a long one. The entrance area takes you past the cemetery monuments and memorials along the stone road. Soon you get to the theater, which is in very nice condition. I believe I read that some restoration or rebuilding work was done to the theater, and that’s why it looks so new. When I looked for more information about that, I couldn’t find anything on it. Please comment if you know more about this. We walked all around Ostia Antica, but we still didn’t see everything. It’s a big place and your legs and feet get very tired from walking on the uneven stone roads. The theater was very interesting to see, in that it is in very nice condition and you can walk around and sit in the audience section. You can also walk around the stage area and get up close and personal with the stone carvings at the front. Walking through the arched entrance was an eerie feeling, in that you could really imagine what it must have been like to attend a performance here.

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
The theater is amazing. The brick work is really good and seating is plain, but well laid out. We could imagine what it must have been like to watch a play with the beautiful background to look at.

Italy, Ostia Antica

Galerie Ostia Antica Italy – The Theater

Ostia Antica Italy The Theater

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