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Pompeii – The Continuing Excavation Work

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The excavation work at Pompeii continues. As we were leaving the site, we learned that the area we were walking on was being excavated. It was an amazing sight to see, since up until that point everything we had seen had been cleaned and reconstructed. Now we were walking through an area that was still covered by ash and rock that had rained down on Pompeii so many years before.

If you look closely at the pictures below, you can see that there is a heavy layer of ash, rock and stones that collected from the eruption of Vesuvius. This debris was so heavy that it collapsed most of the roofs and made it impossible for people to be outside, exposed to the poisonous gases and the deadly barrage coming down all around them. They had no where to go.

Some things have been dug up and uncovered already. It appears that the digging is a slow and careful process. I like to imagine what it would be like to excavate an area of Pompeii and discover all the interesting things that would likely be found. You can see what would emerge from the ashes!

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
As I walked along the path toward the exit, I heard a tour guide telling a group that this area was being excavated. I immediately stopped and took a closer look. The realization that I was looking at the ash and rocks that had come down on Pompeii was eerie and interesting. It was one of those moments that gives you a cold chill.

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Galerie Pompeii – The Continuing Excavation Work

Pompeii The Continuing Excavation Work

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